We offer a number of different services here at Samson Elite

Fitness Foundations

Whether you are looking start a workout routine of your own and have no idea where to start, or you’ve lifted before and want to get back into a routine with proper technique, our expert trainers will be able to help you get back on the right track.

PPP Training (Rehab)

Whether you are looking to prepare yourself for surgery and hoping to make the recovery time faster by increasing the amount of lean muscle mass. If you are currently in a physical therapy program(peri rehab)ad, our trainers can help you get through the home exercise program that your therapist has laid out for you, as well as put you through supplemental exercises that will help you along through out therapy without endangering you and staying within the guidelines set by your physical therapists. In post rehab training, we get you outside of the rehabilitation setting and prepare you to transition back in the normal gym setting.

Group Training

Having a lot of people that you know, with the same goals as you can help push you along during your workout. You can come join an existing group or start a group of your own!


With training, soft tissue health and muscle quality are important to maintain. Our in house massage therapist will work with you using a number of different types of massage to help you along your health and wellness journey.

Our Founder and Head Trainer

Brian Samson

Our founder and head trainer, Brian Samson, is a graduate of George Mason University with his Bachelors in Exercise Science. Prior to graduating, Brian was initially a nursing major. He experienced working the hospital system for over 4 years before switching majors from nursing to exercise science.

Brian’s decision to transition from nursing to exercise science with the intent of becoming a physical therapist lead him to working in physical therapy clinics for a little over 5 years. At the physical therapy centers, he would help patients with their rehabilitation exercises and after receiving his degree, would help transition them from the rehabilitation setting to the post rehab setting and getting back in the gym to workout regularly.

While he was working in physical therapy, he also took several jobs as a personal trainer for different companies. It was during this time that he really decided personal training was his true passion and decided to pursue it full time. After he left the physical therapy center, he worked as a trainer for multiple corporate gyms and worked as the lifestyle and fitness director for several residential communities. He helped some friends start different businesses and decided after a while that he wanted to go back to helping people achieve their goals.

As Samson Elite, Brian has trained a huge range of the active population from high schoolers looking to become better at sports, to professional athletes looking to elevate their games. He has worked with individuals who were 18 years old with his oldest being 97 years old. Brian was also very active in competing in power lifting meets and has lost over 117 lbs.

Samson Elite Team

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