Nutrition is Key



You’ve heard it before from other personal trainers or fitness professionals out there. Diet is the most important thing. Do you believe it? Have you experienced it. Above is a quick formula we used to teach Henok about calculating macronutrient intake. In calculating this out, we measured body weight, body fat, what kinds of workouts the example individual was doing, what their goals were, whether it was a workout day or not, what muscle group they were working… you get the idea. There was a lot to consider when calculating out these numbers. And for good reason, whatever you intake nutritionally gets used for one purpose or another, INCLUDING being stored away as body fat. So while most people think that something like the above is way too much, there are simpler methods of watching diet. The most important thing though is that you are following some sort of plan and not just intaking whatever you decide. And again, you don’t have to go in this much detail, there are very few people that are willing to, but think about, or better yet, WRITE out everything that intake in the day. Look at what you’re eating and if most of it is unhealthy, spending hours in the gym will only get you so far. Do a little research and find a REALISTIC diet you can follow (500 calories is too little for ANYBODY) and stick with it. Even for a month and see if you don’t notice any differences. (Spoiler alert: you will)

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