Parkinson’s Unity Walk and Petite Bay


A few years ago, I met one of the strongest people I know to this day. Her name (to me) is Petite Bay. Little B when translated over from French. I met her through one of my best friends, Georgio, who is also a trainer, but had to move and wasn’t able to train her anymore, but trusted me to help with her. He had passed several clients on to me, but Petite Bay was a unique case. She has Parkinson’s. I had learned a bit about how to work with clients with Parkinson’s, but after meeting her, I threw myself into research about the subject and how much training helps with pain and tremors.

When we started working together, I found that two of the most effective forms of exercises that helped with the tremors were cycling and boxing. I learned that from her, then did more research and found that the movements involved with both and impact really decreased the tremors visibly. No matter what workout I would throw at her, she was always down, albeit with a few choice words that I knew were all out of love. I really didn’t even mind the verbal choices BECAUSE she ALWAYS worked, she never quit when she could help it, and she would always have a smile for me when we were all done.

It was at this point that I also found out about the Unity Walk that raises money for Parkinson’s research and awareness. Petite Bay has her own team that over the years has raised $70,000! Her determination is matched with her ability to have fun with everything she does. Take for example the fact that her team’s shirt name says “Can I Have Fries with That Shake?” Despite all the difficulties thrown her way throughout the years, she has remained positive and active through it all. This year’s Unity Walk has passed already, but please check her out and the Unity Walk to learn more!


**UPDATE** you can still help and donate until June 6! Just click on the link below:

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